The Hellfighters main purpose is to lead the lost to Christ and to encourage them to be part of a local, Bible-believing, God-honoring church.  Biker's ride motorcycles to seek the freedom of the open road.  Our mission is to give every motorcycle rider the true freedom that is attainable only through Jesus Christ.  Our ministry field is "on the streets."  We befriend everyone we meet, pass out tracts and new testaments.  Hellfighters are on duty 24/7/365.  God's Word is the doctrine Hellfighters follow as He is the Changer of lives, the Giver of hope, the Promise of tomorrow, the Reality of joy unexplainable, the Provider of peace and the Sacrifice of grace sufficient to turn any hell-bound sinner into a Heaven-bound saint.  Hellfighters wear the three piece patch as a visual sign of our commitment to the one and only Savior of the world, our Lord Jesus Christ, whom we serve.

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Kelly Hughes (904) 626-8599

Ronnie Montgomery (904) 591-7334

Blane Jeffords (904) 509-5133



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Visit the Hellfighters website where you can read the Hellfighters manual which includes our mission statement and covenant of commitment which is required to be a Hellfighter.


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