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Come As You Are!

Visiting a new church can be overwhelming. We invite you to explore the options below to make your visit something to look forward to!
We are here because of the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are here because of the good news of Jesus Christ. We are broken people who have been rescued from our sin by the person of Jesus Christ. Though we have different backgrounds, ethnicities, opinions, and personalities, we find common ground in the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ!


We gather each week to worship the one true God revealed in the bible. We're grateful for the privilege he has given us to worship, live and serve in our local community. We rely on God's grace to give us true unity to function together as the church of Jesus Christ. One body submitted to the word of God and committed to living God's word out in our daily lives.

Who We Are

We strive for an intentional culture of grace, vibrant worship, and discipleship.
Who We Are
A Culture of Grace

We seek to be a community marked by grace. We pray for and actively strive for the amazing grace of God to permeate every aspect of our church culture because we recognize our deepest need is the gospel. We freely extend grace to those in our church family, our neighbors, and to those in our communities.

A Culture of Vibrant Corporate Worship

We seek to be a community marked by vibrant, wholehearted, unified, Christ-centered worship. We believe that every part of our lives is an expression of worship and the right response to our God. Therefore, we view the worship of the gathered church not only as corporate but as individuals. We strive in every aspect of worship, to sing, pray, and most importantly preach the word in a way that encourages the participation of congregational worship!

A Culture of Discipleship

We seek to be a community marked by disciple-making followers of Jesus. We believe that the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We develop intentional relationships for the purpose of encouraging each other to pursue Christ, and we actively pray and seek out relationships for the purpose of calling others to follow Christ.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Walking into a church for the first time can be intimidating, so we want to help you know what to expect when you visit.
We promise not to embarrass you or point you out. If you wish you can fill out a connection card and we’ll follow up with you later. You can come knowing you are in the midst of a group of broken people, who all need God’s grace.
What to Wear

We have a diversity of people who attend our services and are thankful for a congregation with a variety of dress. You'll find anything from very casual jeans and t-shirts to polos and slacks to suits. We encourage you to come as you are.

Service Format

Our service is intentional in that it follows a deliberate order of worship, but it’s not formal in style. We sing several songs, offer prayers to God, hear Scripture read and preached, and give our offerings and tithes. We close each morning worship service with a benediction, with the typical service finishing around 12:00 noon.


Preaching at OPRBC is Christ-centered with practical application rooted in the redemptive story of Scripture. Sermons usually last around 40 minutes and are paired with relevant material for reflection. Sermons alternate between the Old and New Testaments. All preaching is driven by the gospel, the Bible is the main message of God saving sinners through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


We believe children are a blessing from the Lord and we work hard to equip parents to train their children to worship as part of the local church. We provide a nursery for children up to age 2 for the entire worship service. We offer children's church for ages 3-8. Some children remain in service for the entire time, and we welcome their presence.

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings at 9:30 am, we come together through age-appropriate classes in a small group format where we find community, study, and learn about God's Word and its application to all areas of life.


Our worship team leads us to sing vibrant songs that are both historic and modern in a Christ-exalting way. Our main desire is to sing what is true about God, offering our praise and thanksgiving. We believe the voices of the congregation should be the primary instruments and we work hard to encourage congregational singing.

Meet Our Pastor

Meet the Elders

Lawrence McGinley

Senior Pastor

If no–one has told you today, "Jesus Loves You!"

Known to his congregation as "Brother Larry",  Pastor McGinley shepherds with love and concern, and his heart's desire is that his messages will point hearers to Christ Alone, whose sinless life, substitutionary death, and victorious resurrection have made the way to heaven ours to believe, receive, and declare to others.


Pastor McGinley is married to his precious wife Rebecca (Sister Beck). They have been married for over 40 years. They have a son David (Kristi) McGinley and are blessed with two amazing grandchildren. He has faithfully served OPRBC for over 32 years.

What We Believe

What We Believe
We seek to be Word–driven and Christ-centered.

The Word of God governs our life, and we believe the Bible points to Jesus Christ. The Bible is God's written Word—His communication to us of who He is, what He does, and what He expects of us. The Bible alone holds the authoritative answers to the questions of life and eternity.

The written Word is a reflection of the Living Word, Jesus Christ. It is our reliable, sufficient rule for faith and practice.

We seek to be timeless in our message.

Because we believe the gospel is central and that our church life should be governed by the Word of God, we practice expository, Christ-centered preaching. We strive to make our message accessible to everyone, while still preaching the full counsel of God.

Our message is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We seek to share this message compassionately with the hurting to make a difference in our community, while also engaging in committed missions efforts throughout the world.

We seek to be relevant in our vision.

We believe that the Bible is relevant and contains everything we need to face the problems of life today. We are ordinary people who submit to the work of God in our hearts to change us to become more like His Son, Jesus. We desire to change, not because we thereby gain favor with God, but because we desire to grow in our love for Him.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe the Bible is the Word of God, supernaturally inspired, inerrant in the original manuscripts and preserved by God.

  • We believe the Godhead exists eternally in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and that these three are one God.

  • We believe God is the absolute and sole Creator of the Universe. Creation was by divine fiat and not through the evolutionary process.

  • We believe Jesus Christ in the flesh was both God and man.

  • We believe Jesus was crucified, died as a penalty for our sins, and was raised from the dead bodily on the third day.

  • We believe Jesus' death by His shed blood made a perfect atonement for sin.

  • We believe salvation with its forgiveness of sins, impartation of a new nature, and hope for eternal life is by faith apart from good works.

  • We believe a true believer is eternally secure.

  • We believe the Holy Spirit indwells all believers and baptizes and seals all believers at the moment of their salvation. He fills them in response to confession of sin and yieldedness.

  • We believe the ordinances of the church are Believer's Baptism and The Lord's Supper.

  • Old Plank Road Baptist Church agrees with the Baptist Faith & Message 2000

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